New features (DocuSign,, etc) and events (Ask the Experts) oh my!

Between a fair amount of events (SKO’s, WPC and more!), I’ve been all over the place the past few weeks but I felt now would be a great time to stop and synthesize (Good Lord, how I love corporate double speak!) all of the great stuff I’ve been exposed to over the past month with everyone!

First, lots of great things happened at WPC.

  1. Nintex announced a partnership with DocuSign.
  2. Nintex announced new integrations with and Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Wow... @BradOrluk and @MikeFitz are having way too much fun...

Wow. Looks like @MikeFitz and I are having way too much fun @WPC!

Now I know many folks out there may be thinking, “What’s all this DocuSign hullabaloo about anyhow?”

Well what this means for our loyal Nintex customers (NOTE: The action can be added to the Nintex designer at no cost but a valid DocuSign account will be required to configure and utilize the action. So go sign up for a trial today!)  is that you can now easily integrate the ability to send your documents wholesale (or merge SharePoint metadata with a document template in the cloud) to anyone in the world, regardless of whether or not they are a DocuSign customer, to collect their digital signature. Along with this signature is other metadata such as geolocation tagging and more.

So, with regulatory and ‘auditability’ needs to address, I can’t think of an easier way to manage digital signatures as part of a business process automation solution (Some scenarios could include; HR on-boarding and performance reviews, sales and procurement contract negotiations, press releases, etc., etc.).

Below is a list of the actions that will be available over the next few weeks!




ds-dldoc This will allow you to download a signed copy of the document into a SharePoint document library (as a PDF w/ embedded signature)
 ds-sgntmp Merge metadata (This can consist of any metadata from the item in SharePoint, or any data you have pulled from other LOB apps or elsewhere in SharePoint via Nintex Workflow)
 ds-purge This allows you to remove all of the documents associated with a specific DocuSign envelope.
 ds-retenvstat Poll a DocuSign envelope’s current status (In Process, Declined, Completed)
 ds-send Send a document to a specific party to be signed. The nice thing about having this action inside of Nintex Workflow is that the recipient can be dynamically populated!
 ds-sendenv With this action you can take a previously populated envelope and forward it to a specific party for signing.

In my next post I’ll be covering the new connector and all of the juicy new actions that are sure to make integrating your SharePoint practice with SFDC a breeze.

Lastly, make sure you tune in tomorrow (7/29/14) for our July edition of the Nintex Ask the Experts webinar! Sign up now!

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