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New Release of Nintex Forms!

Hot on the heels of the release of new versions of Nintex Workflow 2013, the Forms team has put the finishing touches on the newest version of Nintex Forms 2013!  This release is bringing along a slew of new functionality, some of which I’m particularly excited about; validation rules (in addition the formatting rules), multiple file attachment controls (no need to create links back to your files stored in various locations!) and a SharePoint profile lookup runtime function.

Below is a list of new features as well as links to the download.      

Nintex Forms 2013 v2.3.1

  • Validation Rules: Validation can now be specified as a rule using runtime functions and references to values of other controls and variables. Note that this functionality supports client-side validation only.
  • Multiple Attachment Controls: Forms can include multiple attachment controls that store different attachments. Associations with different attachment controls are maintained. Default attachment control can be designated to collect any unassociated attachments.
  • User profile lookup function: New runtime function userProfileLookup () can be used to return information about a user from the SharePoint User Profile service. This can be used in calculated value controls, for variables or formatting and validation rules. The SharePoint User Profile must be operational in your environment for this feature to work.
  • People control and Multi-line text control now available to be referenced in runtime expressions (Calculated Values, Rules, Variables)
  • Support for External Data control in Nintex Mobile App layouts.  (This functionality requires the latest version of Nintex Mobile (version 2.3) on the device to operate so visit your devices app store and update today!)
  • Additional items are outlined in the below release notes.

Release Notes

Download now!