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Getting Started with Nintex’s Salesforce.com Connector!

As I had mentioned in my last post, Nintex unveiled a slew of new Nintex Live actions (DocuSign, SalesForce.com, Dynamics

Nintex bridges the gap!

Nintex bridges the gap!

CRM) for Nintex Workflow last month. Whether you’re new to SalesForce.com (which I will refer to as SFDC going forward so that my fingers don’t go numb and / or bleed due to typing out SalesForce.com a gazillion times), like me, or it’s old hat to you, you may be interested in how you can now integrate your SharePoint content and other LOB data with SFDC easily with Nintex Workflow. The new SFDC Connector consists of 11 new actions and, coming later (Q3 ’14) this year, bidirectional mechanism for starting Nintex workflows from activities inside of SFDC!

In this post I’ll cover:

  • The SFDC actions

  • How you can get them

In my next post, I will point out some helpful resources in your journey toward SFDC & Nintex bliss as well as how the actions are actually configured and used in your workflows.

The SFDC Actions

Here is the complete list of the new actions in the SFDC Connector pack:



 SFDC create record  Create a record (standard or custom object). This could be used to add a new account to your SFDC instance.
 SFDC delete record  Delete a record (standard or custom object).
 SFDC query record  Query a record (standard or custom object).
 SFDC retrieve record  Retrieve a record (standard or custom object). This would allow for all of an accounts details (e.g. name, account number, address, phone, etc.) to be pulled in one fell swoop to a dictionary.
 SFDC update record  Update a record (standard or custom object). Could be used to update specific fields (a new phone number perhaps) for an account.
 Chatter post file  Attach a file to a post on Salesforce Chatter.
 Chatter post link  Post a link to Salesforce Chatter.
 Chatter post message  Post a message to Salesforce Chatter.
 Chatter post poll  Use this action to post a polls to Salesforce Chatter to conduct a survey. The poll appears in a feed posts, and allows people to cast a vote on a specific question.
 Chatter search feeds  Search for feeds in the Authorizing user’s Salesforce Chatter network.
 Chatter send invite  Send an invitation to users who do not have a Salesforce license to join the Authorizing user’s Salesforce Chatter network. Invitations are limited to users that have an email address within your allowed domains, and “Allow Co-worker Invitations” must be enabled for your organization.

How can I get them?

You will need to add the SFDC Connector via the Nintex Live Store. You can trial the SFDC Connector (and all of the above actions) for 30 days via your Nintex Workflow for O365 designer right now. My counterpart, the amazing and handsome Vadim Tabakman, was kind enough to put together a quick video on how to add them. Check it out!

That’s all for now, but stay tuned!  The step by step SFDC action walk-through will be posted shortly!